— The first AI cloud platform for automation of DevOps

The idea of was invented less than a year ago as a vision of unique service. Zerops provides developers and web application managers with a fully-fledged, fully automated, intelligent Managed DevOps environment. Zerops vision is therefore an intelligent platform that fully adapts to the needs of the application and the client in real time, according to the current situation. For many people we’ve introduced to Zerops, this is an unrealistic solution for overly diverse client applications. But there is a great team behind us, and 11 years of experience with managing thousands of servers.

Why Zerops will be loved by the user?

Unique intelligent automation

All operations associated with infrastructure management are a complex discipline. It is necessary to ensure that the infrastructure is secure, constantly optimized to respond to current application needs, developers and current traffic and load. These tasks are provided by DevOps / System Admins. The development stack of most modern applications employs a growing number of modern server components — different noSQL databases and others, which puts greater demands on admins to keep this complicated infrastructure alive without failures, and have kept up-to-date all information on individual components and must have practical experiences (not everything is often in practice as documented, especially with respect to different limits and real boundaries).

From the point of view of DevOps, they do not provide full automation and “quiet sleep” or big global clouds that are too “low level” from this point of view, as well as administrators, was specialists, etc. Infrastructure is often handled directly by developers running the Docker container. However, in a variety of critical real-time situations, the administrator needs to resolve the issue, focusing exclusively on infrastructure management.
What exactly will Zerops solve automatically?

Here are some examples: Intelligent autoscaling — automatic recognition of optimal scaling (vertical vs. horizontal), performance tuning client services after an increase in connection with increased performance and notification to the client (slack, email, sms) of the action taken and its result. All in real time (in seconds). For scaling, Zerops will access metrics that will be pre-set according to best practices but with client customization (eg load service, application response time, application error, etc.).
Customizing client services to the current application status — performance scaling is not always the only way to solve the suboptimal run of the application. In such situations, Zerops attempts to resolve the situation by changing service settings, or gives the user recommendations as to what is wrong and how to proceed.

Update service versions — Upon release of the new version, the user will be able to upgrade to the new version with just one click of the button. Each new service version will be debugged, including an update scenario that the user will be informed about, updating without fail, gradually updating parts of the service on each container (or creating new containers and removing the old ones) without affecting the running of the application. If update service cannot be run at run time, the user will be informed and will choose the time in which he wishes to update Zerops Service.
 Intelligence of Zerops will constantly improve and implement our unique know-how.

Convenience for developers & simplicity & minimum barriers to deploy to Zerops

One of Zerops main goals is, among other things, to simplify the lives of programmers. We are aware that the programmer wants to program and not solve a million things around, so we want to put the minimum obstacles to deploying the application to Zerops and allow developers to use the CI tools they are used to. Zerops will be able to run a hosted Dev environment with tools that users know (GitLab, etc.) and a debug deploy process.
In addition, the Zerops environment will be built extremely simply. We do not force programmers to read the documentation. Everything will be intuitive, and the goal is for a programmer to try Zerops in demo mode within a few minutes without the need for long registrations, credit cards and other nonsense. Zerops will be customizable enough to not limit the user, however, by default, it will be sufficient and “ready to use” for development and production.

There are also a number of practical features that programmers will appreciate. Serving or on-the-fly instances, is real-time, to test a change in the application, returning the database to any time — hours, minutes, seconds back, etc.

The programmer will have real-time status statistics for individual services, indicating the deploy time to track the impact of application modification on load. Zerops will notify the programmer to Slack, email or SMS in the event of any extraordinary event or recommendation (for example, too much advice database for preventive RAM increase).

High availability, versatility and complexity
Zerops will only support open-source applications, the list of which will be gradually expanded. From the beginning, Zerops should satisfy the full need for most applications, giving it a number of benefits (single environment, 1 provider = 1 SLA).

From the beginning, we expect fully automated support for:
Relational DB — MariaDB / Galera cluster + MaxScale
Search: ElasticSearch Cluster
Another noSQL: Redis cluster, mongoDB cluster 
Messaging: RabbitMQ cluster
Environment for applications written in PHP, nodeJS, Python, Java, GoLang and others, optional Docker will have a number of “system” components:
Optional L7 balancer with customization of rules (the basic balance is the L3 balancer) 
Logging service 
Dev service — for example, GitLab
ObjectStorage service

All production client services are built as high-availability dedicated micro-clusters suitable for the production operation of small applications and large-scale solutions with the utmost emphasis on stable and uninterrupted operation.

Gold support for developers

We understand that not everyone is comfortable with artificial intelligence :-). Zerops will also have the support of our paid DevOps specialists to help developers develop applications to be ready for clustered cloud computing or to deal with unusual situations. They are the same people who will build Zerops and take advantage of many years of server management experience for debugging Zerops automation scenarios.

Top Infrastructure

Over 11 years, we want to have at VSHosting the best infrastructure for our clients. That is why we had to build our own datacentre (and the second we planned), because there was none that would satisfy the need for quality. Yes, it would be easier to build Zerops, for example, over Amazon. It would certainly make Zerops expansion to foreign markets easier. Guaranteed performance, stability and quality are best achieved on our own infrastructure. In the beginning, Zerops will run in two datacentres in Prague, in the second phase in England and then in two locations in the USA. For each instance, the user will be able to choose a location. One of the reasons for our own infrastructure is some of the hi-tech benefits that Zerops is making — such as the ultra-fast NVMe SSD for database services. 
By studying the possibilities of orchestration and the solution of the internal arrangement of the infrastructure, our administrators spent almost a year. In the end, we chose the best components that made sense to us, from the incomprehensible, overwhelming solutions and orchestration as a whole, we’re writing in GoLang.

Pricing policy

Zerops will be built to help developers’ community to focus on development and do not address infrastructure. Zerops will be available in two variants. A free option that will be sufficient to run a variety of production applications and will be available permanently with the option of moving to the Premium Option. The premium option will include a number of exciting features, including the power scaling capability. The Premium option will be available right after registration and even in demo mode. 
The price will be made up of the amount of performance for individual client services and premium features.


We want to run the first version of Zerops for a closed group of developers who would like to participate in testing Zerops. In addition to having the opportunity to try the platform as firts, they will also get a number of benefits (free premium features, etc.), including the future of the Dev2Dev section, and have a direct impact on Zerops further development (roadmap priorities, incentives, direct communication with the development team Zerops and others). Interested people, let me know about We plan starting Zerops for summer / autumn 2018.