Surprise! Just a pit stop 🤭.

I hope everyone has been doing well.

I decided to share my brief remarks from the Barbados Workers Union opening ceremony held this weekend.

First of all, let me just say thank you to Mrs.Nisha Craigwell the President of the Barbados Netball Association for this opportunity, for having faith in me and believing that I would represent the Association competently.

It is indeed a pleasure to be here this evening to share in this momentous occasion with all of you. 1979 is when this all began... wow...forty years ago. Forty is way more…

Here ends this journey ...thanks be to God.

22- Jul- 2019

So many things to be thankful for... impossible to list them all. Travelling mercies, completing the tournament with no major injuries, reaching 65 national caps, completing the new task of captaincy at a major tournament, health, happiness, an amazing support system, teammates who cooperated easily... and so it continues.

I will be honest, I had the Bajan Gems to place in the top 10, in fact i'd go as far as the top 8. …

When duty calls

15 - July - 2019

This has been a crazy week to be honest.

Constantly being on the go from event to event, game after game. It has been non-stop.

I had my first official line of duty as captain on the same day we arrived in Liverpool. The captains call as they call it, where the 16 World Cup Captains complete a series of photos and interviews within maybe a 2 hour period tops. Hopping from photo shoots to interviews all within a specific time frame because over here Caribbean time does NOT cut it …

A whole new world


This week I really went head first into my off court duties as captain of the team. I was very aware my off court duties would include doing interviews, having random photo opportunities etc but to be honest I was more expecting those duties after the training camp. Having begun my experience within the training camp I have really been embracing and enjoying all that comes with it.

At home, we are not that actively involved with the media..... well I haven't really been. However, since I have been here it feels like media central…

Last Blog ?


10:00 pm and I just remembered that I didn't post my blog!

Today was crazy hectic, making sure I had everything in place for tomorrow’s departure. I was all settled and feeling accomplished thinking I completed everything I had to do….then it hit me….YOUR BLOG!

It was almost like when you lay in bed and get comfortable and realise you left the light on🤦‍♀️. The blog is here now and it's still Monday. Better late than never right?

This week the Bajan Gems were showered with love and support and we are extremely grateful.

From massages…

No days off


NDO - No days off. This always seemed like a really cool thing to say....just to give the impression to others that you are getting in that work. Booked and busy as the younger people say. But it's literally my life with netball right now.

If not for the cancellation of the Barbados Olympic fair yesterday, we would’ve had nine consecutive netball related days. One day 'off' then on the road to Liverpool.✈

I sat down on Saturday and thought about my week ahead. A wave of emotions came over me and I suddenly felt soo…

My 20th Blog! Journey to Vitality with Croney


The closer we get the more distractions and obstacles we have been facing. I am prepared to expect more, simply because that is generally the nature of it.

Just 25 days until the first centre pass of the Vitality Netball World Cup and about two weeks before we go into camp.

The coach has been demanding a lot from us in terms of our decision making and critical thinking. Especially under pressure and being fatigue.

Understanding that skill alone will not get us over the line, we have to be locked…

One down. One to go.


With the 2019 BNA Domestic Season completed I can now put all of my focus on the Vitality Netball World Cup.

After missing the BNA 2018 season, my club returned to the local league this season. While many may see it as we returned only to walk away empty handed (which we did) we gained so much more than a tangible reward.

This season provided many lessons for me. Opportunities for growth and situations that showcased my growth. …

Time to step up & step over these distractions

03- June- 2019

"When ya aint got horse, ride cow" pretty sure that is the Head Coach’s philosophy. There are situations that arise and people may believe okay, well maybe not today. Nope, not with the head coach, she always finds an alternative and make good use of what limited resources are available. Especially when it comes to training.

●No trainer or additional assistant coach - Adjust

●Missing players - Adjust

●Circumstances with training venue which are out of our control - Adjust

All while maintaining a high intensity and productivity…

Enjoy the highs & celebrate all victories!

27 -May-2019

The thing about posting my journey once a week is that we have soooo much catching up to do!

This week was……… know what? I will let you read and judge for yourself. What I will say is that there were soo many positives this week. From things that persons would consider small wins or wins that have nothing to do with me to the grandest of victories. I had it all this week and I am truly grateful for it.

Here are some of the happenings of this week:


Damisha Croney

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