for (let i=1; i<= bootcamp_wk_1.length;i++)… iteration, i =5

function days(‘Five’){

Yesterday, I went to my Medium account and saw a post about REGEX, and although it was too basic it made me smile, the power of “Tags” huh?

In other not to submit my medium post late this time, I decided to write the account of my day on the go, as I “battled” code as it were. I know this did not work out so great.

This is what I think to myself every time I’m writing a medium post; “is it meant to be this whimsical?”

I am done with my first assignment, missingNumber, which came together surprisingly easily. The second one involves language I do not fully understand yet and it is related to object oriented programming which I am quite familiar with, so I should be just fine.

Again I am behind schedule because of my need for perfection. I dallied while I was writing my HTML code, the third assignment, and I’m back on the one that gave me issues.

I really do hope I finish on time.

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