Is this life?

My Mum always prayed that I never met ‘life’, I know this isn’t what she was talking about but it’s definitely a close second.
The last six weeks hasn’t been the best of time in my life, the breakdowns, the heartache, the spontaneous tourettes-like cussing, but through it all I was happy because as an engineer all I’ve ever wanted to do was to solve problems and I guess what? Yope! That’s what I’m doing.

Two assignments were given; 
* One was my ‘checkpoint’; Where I was to make an app that could create a map of words that led to it’s location within a database file. 
* The second was called, ‘simulations’; Where my team and I were to revamp an online​ Cards Against Humanity parody with an aim to get donations called Cards For Humanity. If you don’t know what Cards Against Humanity is I say to you;


Firstly, me getting into Andela was ‘mind-blasting’. I didn’t believe…well I believed in myself, but the bootcamp was brutal, especially for someone who had no experience coding.

I’m proud of myself.

Unfortunately, I now have to lose my ‘I-had-no-prior-experience-coding’ card away and actually pull my weight which I’m so far failing to do by my own standards.

Someone actually told me I was being hard on myself.

My ‘checkpoint’ project took me way too long and I focused on the wrong aspects but I can say I’ve learnt a lot about myself and the art of programming (stay tuned for more). As for the ‘sims’ project, which I feel like I totally neglected, I just did what was necessary and nothing more, it made me feel like a fraud.

Fake it till you make it!

The feedback I can give myself is to plan adequately, so as not to be ‘fraudulent’.

We like the word FEEDBACK here!

Hopefully, by the time this is read my checkpoint one is officially done.

Ja! Mata ne.