The colors for active and rest states across the app get funky. The main menu uses gray/black (rest/active.) For some reason, photo actions have a black rest state, which makes it more dominant than the main menu. Then within the account submenu, a different gray(!) is used for rest state and a medium blue for active.
A meticulous critique of the new Instagram logo/UI
Bryan Mamaril

I see people using the main feed with a different mindset, a more immersive one where photo is really in the center of attention, while the profile would maybe be too bland if it was completely monochromatic. In this case they had to branch out their design system.

It is designed by humans for humans, so setting the limits and a design system, but knowing when and how to bend it or branch it out for an overall better result, is for me good design.

But of course, its just a matter of opinion :)

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