Today it’s Easter therefore coding time :-)

I had the chance to update some on my notes about Nginx with some tips for and I thought it could be nice to share with Medium’s and Github’s users.

I imported this article directly from markdown gist so the formatting might imperfect.

Please if you notice any mistake or you have a better practice comment here or on github. It would be greatly appreciated.

All the instructions are meant for Debian 8 Jessie

Last updated: @2017–04–16

How Nginx works under the hood

At the very moment of starting Nginx, one unique process exists in memory: the Master Process. …

Seven years ago, on Aug 12th 2009, I bought my first ergonomic keyboard: the Kinesis Advantage. This one:

Image for post
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I still have the invoice: it says 384$ delivery from Seattle included. On the top of it, the fee for the Italian customs: another 69.20$.

A total amount of 453.20 $.

I admit that before hitting the purchase button I was really torn. Such an amount seemed tremendously expensive. I asked myself several times if purchasing it wasn’t a just a compulsive and/or childish decision. Unfortunately I had no way to test or to see it. None I knew had (and has) such a hardware. …

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  • Are you a linux user?
  • Would you like to remap some keys of your keyboard? (any keyboard)
  • Would you like to quickly switch between different keyboard layouts?
  • Are you “serverfault-fed” whenever you need to touch your keyboard layout?
  • Are you chocking under the zillion of different solutions Google have found for your remapping issue but none of them seems to work?
  • Would you like to write a custom layout for your Kinesis or Ergodox keyboard?

If you answered yes to some of my questions then this article is definitely for you. …


Damiano Venturin

Linux man, php developer and 192 pounds of italian happiness :-)

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