Your article was very well written, but I’m still having a problem.
Seann Giffin

Hello Sean 
I believe that [VT Switching]( has little to do with keyboard layout. It involves kernel hard-coded shortcuts and also Xorg configuration.

Assuming that you didn’t touch the kernel I would say that this is an Xorg issue but honestly I can’t point you to anything more accurate.

If I were you I would start diagnosing the problem in this way:
1) I would boot in “init 3” and then I would try to see if the VT shortcuts work properly
2) I would load X or mdm (service mdm start) and I would try again the VT shortcuts.

If they don’t work anymore then the research field is narrowed to:
A) some kind of X mis-configuration (watch out: most of the documentation available about X is outdated)

B) some cinnamon mis-configuration.

I would then start looking around the cinnamon control panel (B), parsing every single item of the keyboard configuration panel (don’t rush, it’s quite extended). If nothing comes out I would definitely go digging what’s wrong with X.

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