A love letter to Europe

Paris, we’ve known each other for a long time. I met you when I was 11 years old and I was impressed. You were the largest city I’ve ever seen. I knew we were meant to be together.

But you’re hard to get. You’re smart, sexy, complex and you know that. It took me a while to fully undress you. Most people won’t understand this beauty on the first rendez-vous because you need attention and patience. It’s amazing what I could do to please you.

Today I’m happy to be with you and celebrating my first year in your arms. I’m just afraid to lock myself to new opportunities. Your exclusivity and passion are strong.

Paris, Belleville + 11ème

Paris, let me explore the world and get a fresh air. I promise I will be back. I will continue to have a coffee in your Montmartre streets and embrace your beauty.

My passion for you is complex and full of mixed feelings. You’re cold outside but hot inside. The introvert I’ve always been. The artist I wanted to be. The mystery of love.

Trust me, sometimes I need some space but you’re deep in my heart.

Paris, Hôtel du Louvre

London my dear. You’re a different world compared to the other ones. You have a unique style and point of view. You’re diverse, open, sophisticated and dirty at the same time.

You’re the craziness of New York and the class of Paris. Monday I want to love you and Tuesday you explode in my arms. I though I was ready but I’m not.

You’re expensive, wide, and being from the South I find it hard to have deep feelings without sun. For now you’re a one night stand. You’re my secret relation and I love your weirdness. You’re a thing I don’t understand yet.

London, Old Street + Shoreditch

I like Brick Lane and all your little shops. I like your small restaurants and your kindness. You’re a free mind, I like your spirit, I really want more of this.

London we’re different. You and I could be the worst and the best. We have the same values and we’re full of passion. Keep going, I’ll join you soon.

London, Old Street + Camden

Barcelona, you have a strong personality. You’re simple and I’m not. That’s why I feel in peace when I see you. You love simple things and I’m always delighted to contemplate your curves.

Your buildings are sweet and welcoming. You don’t like being normal and you find a way to express yourself through art and history. I’m jealous when you’re not here. I need your soul and your sky.

Barcelona, Caller dels Tallers

You surprise me each time. I’m lost in your narrow streets and I find beauty everywhere. Barcelona you changed my life more than once. You don’t realise how much impact you had on my story.

We want each others but we can’t really be together. I need to decide if I want to invest time with you. It’s a really hard choice and I’ll figure it out pretty soon. You inspire me so much. My desires come from what you expose to me.

You still need to grow up and become an adult. You need to move on and find the balance. You’re loud, innocent, and wild. I’ll join you when you will be mature. For now you’re my confident and I trust you.

Barcelona, street and interior
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