My Term in Glasgow

Danya Ammar
Oct 23, 2019 · 3 min read

As a part of my program at the University of Ottawa, I am required to complete a semester abroad — which is actually one of the main reasons I chose this program. As a daughter of immigrants, I’ve spent a lot of my life travelling to different countries and getting to learn more about how other people live their lives which was something very fascinating to me growing up.

As introverted as I like to convince myself I am, getting to try different things (especially food) and experience different cultures was something my father always encouraged us to do and for my term abroad, I decided to attend the University of Glasgow in Scotland, United Kingdom.

University of Glasgow, Main Building.

Scotland is a country I have never visited before, and was not somewhere I ever imagined to be a dream destination. However, for the past month and 23 days, this city has become my favourite place on earth. Glasgow is a city of beautiful scenery, welcoming and kind locals, and filled with many adventures ready for me to take on. I have been spending a lot of time getting to know the city and travelling with groups of friends to different areas of the country such as Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, and lots of sightseeing.

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Apart from all the fun and activities, I’m also currently taking classes such as “Management in the Public Sector” as well as “Marketing Communications” to help me with expanding my knowledge into different areas of business management and to be able to apply it to my studies at the Telfer School of Management. Additionally, I decided to also continue my journey with Thawrih and the RBC Entrepreneurship CO-OP program on a part-time basis.

Being abroad, away from my family and friends, and completing my studies as well as working for a start-up has been surprisingly easy to adjust into. Not to mention, me trying to cram multiple sightseeing and travelling into the next two months. However, my team at Thawrih have been so understanding and supportive of this experience and have began launching several campaigns for the season. One of which the company was recently featured on CBC’s nation-wide competition, “Dragons’ Den” where they were asked to showcase their products to a group of investors! I was proud of our CEO and co-founder, Sarah Abood, for standing in front of the group of investors and showing them what Thawrih is all about and that our social mission is so important for todays day and age.

CEO and Co-founder, Sarah Abood on Dragons’ Den.

Thawrih and the RBC Entrepreneurship CO-OP Program have given me a lot to be thankful for, and have also helped develop more skills to aid me on my exchange term abroad. My work-term at Thawrih has shaped me to become more confident in my actions, and more adaptable to my environment and any obstacles that come my way.

I am excited to continue my term here at the University of Glasgow, and to continue learning and growing in my career.

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