Please don’t let the loneliness win.
J. Westenberg 🌈

YES !! Another good title for this might have been: ‘Save $$ on therapy, pull yourself out of depression by creating cognitive dissonance in your life.’

In other words, change things up a bit. Do something that gets your adrenaline rushing and or challenges your beliefs. Neurons will start firing in your brain causing new insights, ideas… After being stimulated your brain will continue to chew on the recent information, ever-growing … Scientists refer to it as neuroplasticity.

Getting around other people for the sake of not being lonely could be hurting you more than anything. Some people like to unload their personal shit on anybody who will listen. I reckon I just explained how malleable your brain is.

If you meet new people in the pursuit of doing something similar you can share a genuine bond, if only for a while. Loneliness cured.

Dogs are good too.