One week after the thing, many forgotten pieces appeared in my mind.

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When I first met Python guys as they visited our Ruby meetups, I thought what a cute young people, who like to party hard. As I slowly moved from Ruby and meetups, in general, I have lost contact with most of them. Only once I had talked about a library on the Pyvo meetup. It was a rant on Ruby on Rails mostly, and the library died soon after. However, there I first met Stařenka, who had a rant on Django in his talk. So friendship was made. Next time I have met him on the very first PolyConf in Poznan, where he introduced me to my later conference colleague Mišo. As PolyConf seems to be missing this year, I decided to join both of the guys on PyConCz, and I hardly could choose better. …

So another year is gone and I am back with another installment of my summary for the very best (in my eyes anyway) conference in Europe.

Yes, it is again about Polyconf, but this year in the City of Love Paris! If the previous years it was a blast, this year it was a hyper blast, so let’s don’t wait anymore, and go for the meat. This year our squad (me and Michal Valášek), were flying from two former capitals of the Habsburg Empire Prague, and Vienna on Thursday. We’ve met in the hotel just across the channel from La Geode. After a big hug and cold shower, we moved to the first party of the conference. We were late and the crowd was just moving away from the place. …

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So after two years, I am back with the summary of how I spent three days in the very beautiful Poznań.

Yes you are guessing right, I am back to write down my experience from this years' Polyconf. And men it was a ride. How did it started actually? I picked up my good friend Michal Valášek in my hometown, and we went for the road. We talked about work, the state of the world and the polish highways. I really think, that it is a good part of the conference for me, as you can touch many things in 5+ hours of car drive. After the accommodation in the hostel, we went for a little chit chat on the first warm-up party. We've met some people and were talking some programmers stuff. …

Feedback to the assessment I did for a talent acquisition company:

verdict — pepe — Josef Pospíšil

Josef is definitely a senior Ruby developer. No objections.

He used some exotic technologies to solve our problem and it proves that he is capable to learn new things fast.
His code is clean and properly covered by tests. So it’s easy to change in the future.
I like the way Josef structured his code and separated business domain from control logic.
Regularity of providing new changes to solution repository with appropriate comments and README updates shows that he is well organized and deliver on time.

So today I finally settled all the backlog from the last week and have little bit of time to write down my thoughts about two days in Poznan. And let me be clear from the beginning: Polyconf was the best conference I have ever been to.

First of all big thanks to the organizing team. For me everything went quite smooth, with just one exception of the first day meal, but one exception is making the rule (or this is what they told us in czech grammar classes), and it had happy conclusion. The parties and everything overall went just like hot knife through the butter. …


Josef Pospíšil

nomad has to keep moving

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