PyConCz 2018 — Addenum

Josef Pospíšil
Jun 8, 2018 · 3 min read

One week after the thing, many forgotten pieces appeared in my mind.

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No gender left behind

The Diversity

The ratio of all the genders was almost on the level of the last Polyconf, and that was made diverse by design. Here it was much more organic. On PyCon you could meet people from all the spectrum. Big love for this!
We are all equal, and here it showed.

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The Food

The food was abundant on the first floor, and it was there all the time, or at least until the main programme ran. What I liked the most, it was just ordinary food, nothing too fancy. Still, it was delicious, well prepared, well served. Pasta salads, nom nom, and cookies. And from what I gathered it was made in the protected workshop (sorry if it is not the right word for chráněná dílna, blame Google Translate). So eating there, you were helping some people in need, now you can see why I ate so much!
Same for the tea and coffee. And if the pizza came, it was by two cars, no less!
But what blew my mind, was that all the surplus was at the Sunday morning escorted, together with drum playing fool, by taxi to homeless guys.
We are all in this together, see?

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Zoom Box Boy

Not talks

Another thing I appreciate on confs was what happened in the lobby, chillouts and everywhere outside of the Main and Theatre. Everybody was talking, laughing, hacking, playing musical instruments. I made more new friends in two days, that in the last year. And made the old friendships lasting for life.
You say toys? Oh, boy have seen all the people in the zoom boxes? Playing exotic instruments, electronic or small drums?
Meet the people, cause they are diamonds in the rocks.

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Two ukuleles are better than one

The Music

I am a music lover. I cannot work efficiently without my Mixcloud stream, and my kids cannot fell asleep without my lullabies. I know I already raved about this in the report, but who cares. If there were music average in the world as it was here, it would be a much better place. All kinds of music: live played instruments, reproduced or generated on the spot.
So always look on the bright side of life!

See you next year in the !!!

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