Democrats Become Human And Gain Momentum After Comedian At DNC Tells A Joke

WASHINGTON DC — Comedian Sarah Silverman brought down the convention center Monday night after a joke she told at the DNC elicited “uncontrollable bouts of laughter.” What followed can be best described as “people shedding their labels and becoming human.”

It was crazy said Joan Foster, a DNC attendee. People started opening their eyes and looking around. They began to realize that none of this matters and that life is ephemeral. There were hugs being shared and laughter bounded through the room. I’ve never witnessed so much love in my 33 years of existence.

This is a great way to end a convention where so much disappointment initially took place after the DNC leaks. The Democrats hope to transcend Hillary’s email scandal and the DNC leaks from the momentum they’ve gained from opening their hearts and letting the light burn through the darkness within.

As a party, they hope to shed the moniker Clinton/Lucifer 2016 and march forward with a far more modest Clinton/Kaine 2016. If they succeed, it will leave the republicans reeling and wondering if they’re still relevant. Only the election will decide that.

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