I am so incredibly excited about writing online.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

I think places like Medium and Beme are what reality tv was when it became popular on cable.

What reality tv did was give people the illusion that what they were seeing was as close to unscripted, raw content as they could find.

It was also the beginning where they were able to interact with the shows in the form of “voting.”

Some of the more popular shows were Survivor, American Idol, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and The Amazing Race.

Of course, it was later uncovered by many first-hand accounts of contestants that reality tv was more scripted than we were led to believe.

Fast forward to today and we have sites like Medium, Periscope, Beme, and Snapchat where people are able to experience far more raw, uncensored content than ever before.

What direction is this taking us?

Maybe people will be constantly streaming their lives through something like Google Glass or a Big Brother-style rigged home.

As our society continues to consciously evolve, things like this might become more acceptable or even heralded as a way of showcasing “I have nothing to hide.”

I think we’ll learn to find the value in openness and vulnerability the more we continue to push the envelope on unfiltered content.

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