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I love your feed. And I agree people — and especially entrepreneurs — should never let rejections hold them back! 100% on board with that!

Not to split hairs or anything, because u totally get where you’re going with this… But I think characterizing the receipt of a “no” as “their loss” is victim -y, blamey, and a very negative mindset, and we attract what we think. I say no all the time to things that aren’t right for me.

Example: Someone wants to sell me a hat, but I don’t want or need a hat right then. Maybe I just bought a hat somewhere else moments before. Does saying no to that person mean I’ve “missed out” on something special from them? Nope. It means what they offered wasn’t right for me at that moment. And that’s ok, too.

I think a better way to say it might be “Don’t stop doing what you’re doing just because someone says no.”

Keep up the awesome work! You inspire me.