Old Man Winter has arrived

Its a brand new year and lots of good stuff happening. We had a great run of trips right after Christmas even thought the weather was , uh, Lets just say less then pristine for us locals. But all our Customers have been from the Great white North. Chicago, New York, Wisconsin, Washington D.C. Brought the Family down to escape the blizzard type conditions that are common place for them this time of year, and all they wanted to do was get out on the ocean, Tan their Cans, put some sun on the buns, catch some fish, venture to an island or two, knock back a couple of cold ones, while warming their bones and enjoy the sun going down without wearing a Sweater or the cell phone going off. Mission accomplished.

Our adventures up to date included # Island party’s and picnics, #Bird watching, a Pelican saving , and one attempted Shark wrestling event. One of my Customers thought it would be a great idea to wrestle a 6 foot Nurse shark caught on rod & reel, And NO, I’m not kidding..

As one may think there was an immediate intervention at hand , as I informed my new found friend about the downsides of tangling with a shark that not only matched him in weight but in size , but was pissed off about being hooked to the back of the boat, and the obvious fact was that nothing good could come from this.. He stated, “ What, A man cant wrestle a shark and not be a man?” My response was “sure you can . But you may end up being a man without all the working parts you have now.” Needless to say, the intervention was a success. and the rest of his charter was uneventful and apparenlty so much fun they signed up for another next year.

Since there has been a lull in our trips and the wind was stopped blowing for the first time in a month and we didn’t have any charters on the books, I figured that it was time to take a personal day with the boys and it was well worth it. yesterday was a Pristine Day for a spear fishing trip. water was a little chilly but was gin clear, and we were motivated. Visibility was about 50 ft, Temp in the Low 70’s ( told you it was chilly.) But what do I care, I have a wet suit, a dive skin and some tactical Fat..

It didn’t take long to get a few people together for a trip out to Pelican shoals. upon arrival we proceeded to Kill some fish. knocked the bottom out of some patch reefs in the area. nothing strenuous just a great time with some Sperios ( that’s Dudes or chicks with spear guns)

Body count: 14 Hogs, a couple of Muttons, 2 or 3 grey snappers, a vermilion snapper , a triggerfish that thought it was a good Idea to come up and nip me, one big ass lion fish. It was a good, good Day. Now its time for that Fish fry… Damn the Rocks …

Damn The Rocks Charters - Keys Spearfishing