I thought this newsletter was about oil & gas and energy?
Feyi Fawehinmi

Ok, so maybe I need to make it clearer, my aim was not to prove that Ogbeh made that statement based on any informed premise. I hinted that he is clearly a step down from Adesina and probably even unfit for the job. I am also sure that he is not aware that fertiliser companies have access to lower gas prices. It is not about him.

Should government be concerned about pricing of inputs like fertiliser? I am convinced they should. Are there existing incentives for fertiliser companies? Yes, and gas, which is about 70% of the raw materials for urea/ammonia is priced low under the domestic gas sales obligation supplies. Should govt introduce fiscal/tax incentives instead of subsidising raw materials? That's a different argument. But I support a reasonable goverment trying to 'leverage' (exact words in essay) on producers to ensure domestic supplies moreso when incentives are available. Influencing prices is different from setting prices.

That’s where the issue of absolutism comes in. I am no longer a fan of the way we go gung-ho about opinions/policies contrary to our worldview. Our generation needs to treat opinions from even 'stupid' people on its merit. We cant keep shutting out voices we don’t fancy hence we continue to have more Trumps and Buharis on our hands. Ogbeh could be right sometimes.

As for your first statement ("is this newsletter not about oil & gas), a snide remark, i have benefited from time and reason and would ignore.