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I am less and less a believer of geographical distances. Bear with me.

I understand that literally speaking, this is not a matter or a system of belief, but I do believe that as human beings we stop imagining and thinking about new possibilities to render reality and facts, first because change is hard and it takes effort, and second because yay comfort zone.

It is 2018. I’ve now known the very few people that I’m fortunate to call my best friends for about half of my life now. This has now broken the fifteen-year time span. In a recent conversation with one of those friends, we spoke about an acquaintance in common that I last interacted with, roughly sixteen years ago. Holy crap. Time, linearly, is relentless and even more so is technology, because it’s not linear. You and I do not have the capacity to grow as fast as technological advancements, you and I will get outdated unless we keep a very open, young, fit, resilient mind. …

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It’s all butchered, but is it the same?

The rental car you got back in Nashville breaks down in the middle of nowhere near the state line between Texas and New Mexico. Smoke comes out of the hood, you pull over and turn off the car. Your missus starts to get all antsy because what if your sorry ass, whose greatly tech-savvy but terribly real-life inept, can’t fix it. Since you’re in the middle of nowhere, chances for anyone to come to your rescue are slim. Data reception is very weak in the best cases. Where is the nearest mechanic? …


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