A familiar formula that provides predictable and satisfying results

I’m pleased to say that yet again, being a maniacal serial killer, sneaking around to outposts and methodically taking out large quantities of murderous henchman gives you just as much joy in rural North America as it does on a beautiful tropical island or in the snowy Himalayas. Far Cry 5 is another solid entry into the open-world genre, with which Ubisoft appears to have had a lot of fun lately. It feels like you’re beating the same old familiar drum at times — if it ain’t broke, why fix it? …

Get inky with it

Splatoon 2 is quick to encapsulate and intrigue players with a weird and wacky world that’s filled to the brim with fun moments. Players will quickly find themselves either charmed or turned right off by the game’s absurd, post-apocalyptic setting in which squid kids partake in an endless war against humanoid octopi, but therein lies the game’s strength: Splatoon 2 excels in providing a truly unique shooter experience in what arguably has become an over-saturated and stale genre. …

A bit of France and a bit of fun to keep you going

Battlefield 1 was an astronomically hyped game, and rightfully so. With its main competitor, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, flopping in the eyes of its public despite a decent critical reception, the spotlight was entirely on EA and DICE’s new lovechild. Nobody would have blamed the game if it never lived up to the hype — the bar was set almost unfairly and unrealistically high — but it did; it was released to critical and public acclaim. …

Damon Oloughlin

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