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I’m always amazed how LITTLE about Trump most of his supporters know. Many of them only know about his years on The Apprentice and his current political run. They don’t know about his years in the 80's as a slum lord (a job he inherited from his infamously racist dad) abusing minority tenants, his disparaging media attacks on black youths (and the NAACP) for an infamous rape they didn’t even commit, his years of blatant business scams that left thousands of victims penniless, his revoltingly frequent statements about women being only good for one thing, etc., etc.

I miss the days before Fox News, conservative radio, and ass-hats like Donald Trump convinced old white farts that racism was something to proudly display in public again under the false belief that it’s patriotism.

Trump is not a politician, he’s an entertainer, and a terrible one at that. Some people think that’s a selling point. It’s not. He has no idea what he’s doing. America is not a business. He doesn’t know shit about how the economy works, and will run America into the ground, and conservotards will point the finger at Democratic sabotage like they always do when their policies inevitably fall through.

Trump’s “appeal” is ignorance and bigotry, and his propensity to expound on subjects that continue those faults in order to garner votes. By continually repeating lies and fallacies he keeps his constituents in line and creates a narrative of hatred and division.

Trump has demonstrated conclusively that most racists and bigots now find a home in the Republican Party, especially as he has redefined it. His contempt for political correctness (or manners of any kind) has made it fashionable for haters of all stripes to reveal those stripes in public. They’ve come out of the closet in their millions to support him.

But even before Trump, the GOP provided the largest support network for bigots nationwide. The war on women arose in the Republican petri dish; voter suppression laws flourish among Republicans trying to stem the tide of demographic irrelevance; anti-gay and LGBT sentiment and policies are deeply rooted in the Republican ethos. A clear majority of Republicans cherish their anti-intellectual bias. They are proud of their ignorance. Before Trump, Fox News and Rush Limbaugh exploited that ignorance to great effect. Now Trump has surpassed all of them, leaving those erstwhile sirens of stupid spluttering in their beers.

But please, tell us again why liberal progressivism — the only ideology to achieve anything remotely positive in America in decades — is the real problem.

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