Why I’m not going to stop speaking out about gun violence prevention and Hillary Clinton, no matter…
Erica L Lafferty

I respect the depths of your opinion. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose somene in that fashion, so I won’t pretend. And I’m sorry about the vitriol you’ve received online. The internet is a big place and gives collective voice to everyone, the kind and unkind alike.

For my part, I don’t feel confident that Clinton will affect meaningful change in this area. Why? Because I believe the real problem with guns — as it is with so many of our public policies — is money in politics.

The majority of gun owners in the United States are not in the NRA. In fact, the majority of gun owners are much more in favor of gun restrictions than the NRA position.

But its influence on gun policy is still incredible. How can it exercise so much power even when it doesn’t really represent its constituents? It has the financial means to affect politics.

Sanders is not the strong track record ‘anti-gun’ candidate. But he is the strong anti-corporate pollution, anti-war, anti-corporate money in politics candidate.

That’s a big part of why he’d have my vote, and I believe he might actually affect more important change (less directly) when it comes to gun policy in politics.

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