I don’t believe I have ever read a more worthless piece of garbage.
Jerry Trickel

What a moron! If it wasn’t for the ‘Liberal Media’ this idiotic megalomaniac would never have been nominated or won the election! The media published nothing but pro-trump articles excluding ALL the other candidates for the GOP nomination. Then the ‘liberal media’ pushed articles about Hillary’s ‘emails’ long after Comey had said there was nothing there. Even when he ‘reopened’ the investigation which had nothing to do with Hillary as the emails had ALL been reviewed before. But that didn’t stop the media from pressing the nonexistent ‘scandal’ repeatedly until trump won the electoral college vote, not the popular vote.

So I hope you see now that your whining about the ‘liberal media’ is idiotic and makes you look like a moron just like your messiah trump! The media is owned by conservative corporations and not one is owned by liberal or progressive companies. If you don’t believe me, try Google and educate yourself.