What’s Your North Star?

Damon Nam
Damon Nam
Jun 1, 2017 · 2 min read

Throughout much of history, humans didn’t have GPS or road signs to help them find their way around. They often used the sun and the stars for navigation. Especially in areas such as the ocean and deserts, where there aren’t many reference points. On a clear night, look up and you’ll find one particular star stand out amongst the rest. The North Star is not only visibly brighter than the others, but it carries another unique property: it’s location. Even in the absence of landmarks, you can use the North Star to locate the North. From there, figure out South, East, and West as well. The star brightness and location are always constant. They are consistently reliable in helping anyone navigate back to their desired direction.

When it comes to our mental health, we all need our version of a North Star — Something that is constant and dependable in an ever changing world. Something that provides direction when we lack clarity. Something that we can rely on to navigate us back to happiness…

Next to family, my North Star is giving. When I’m soul-searching, feeling lost, or unsure of my direction or purpose… I never go wrong with bringing value to others. Giving invokes a beautiful and special emotion that can never be replicated by any other experience. It never fails to lead me back to a place of good spirits. Experiencing others reactions, love, and levels of happiness when you help them achieve their goals is equally or more gratifying than achieving my own.

Life isn’t intended to be easy. It’s natural to go through periods of hurt, darkness, and loneliness. Conversely, cycles of joy, light, and populous love. Should you be in pain, reflect and revert back to your purpose — your North Star — to build strength and power you back in the right direction.

Your North Star can be anything that speaks to the heart. That one thing that consistently brings you happiness and inspires you to become the best version of you. Whether advancing your skills, satisfying your creative desires, creating a better life for those you love, or...

No one can tell you what your North Star is. It’s something you have to discover yourself. So ask yourself if you haven’t already, “What’s my North Star?” Write it down and place it somewhere you’ll see it every day.

When those dark and hopeless moments hit, refer back to your North Star to remind yourself of that one constant reliable thing that will navigate you back to happiness.

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