Getting out of the startup rat race
Josh Pigford

THANK YOU for sharing this!!! Have you ever read Vishen Lakhiani’s The Code of the Extraordinary Mind? In it, he talks about how we all tend to only focus on the gap between where we are now and where we want to be — he calls this the forward gap. And not enough of us pay attention to the reverse gap, where we look back on the old us and give thanks for all the growth that we’ve done so far. It helps us to be happy in the now, which is so important and scientifically proven to improve health, focus, productivity and a bunch of other things. So I think the trick isn’t so much about redefining what success is, or dumbing it down to be “realistic,” but more about celebrating where you came from, how much you’ve grown, and focusing on being happy now while working towards our future goals. Thoughts?

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