Necessity is the mother of invention, and when there is necessity, we must be the own mother of our invention.

What would you do if you suddenly lost everything, and you had to start over with nothing?

Would you be more creative after your loss or before your loss?


Do you remember getting a piece of advice that helped you through a difficult time?

Let me share with you some advice someone gave to me.

Eleven years ago, during the Great Recession, someone told me the best time to start a business was during a recession.

I had just…

Oh, things will be different they say.

We’ve got to adjust to how things are going to be.

When this pandemic is over things will be different.

But will they be different?

I remember 19 years ago when four airplanes crashed and thousands of people tragically died.

The national resolve…

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you’ve been told how important it is to understand your financial statements.

Many business owners try to understand their financial statements, but they struggle.

The frustration grows typically this time of year when they get surprised with at big tax…

No matter how successful you are, there are going to be times where your self-confidence takes a beating.

One of the most damaging, debilitating challenges I run into is when my mind gets filled with head trash.

I start to doubt myself.

Then that self-doubt leads to paralysis.

Then I…

Today my county issued a stay at home order.

I’ve got a choice to make now.

Am I going to start wandering around in my pajamas and wait out the storm?

Or am I going to use this time to improve my life, the life of my family, and the…

I spoke with a client named George, and I asked him how his business is weathering the slowdown.

He mentioned that things had slowed down the last few weeks.

As we talked further, he shared with me a story.

He said, “What does a lumberjack do when they run out…

Navigating Through The Fog

One of my favorite activities is hiking.

Most of the hiking has been in the woods.

I love being in nature and traveling on an adventure.

In the woods, the trail markers are painted on trees to signify where the hiking trail is.

These trail markers…

Every year in North Carolina, when winter rears its head, there is a strange phenomenon.

When I turn on the news to watch the weather forecast, I notice something peculiar.

Rather, I should say, my wife, notices something peculiar.

It’s become a running joke in our household the way the…

I spoke with someone earlier today about the economic uncertainty we are now facing.

He shared with me that he has cash reserves that will carry him through for the next six months.

I know several of my competitors will be closing their doors for good.

They don’t have the…

Damon Yudichak

I’m Damon, the world’s first Realtor Profit First Professional. As a young child my favorite activity was opening my piggy bank and counting my money.

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