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In 2015 Scott County, Indiana experienced a HIV/AIDS epidemic from needle sharing opioid abuse. In 2011, its Planned Parenthood had closed, due in part to defunding by then Congressman Pence. Testing services and screenings were not readily available to the largely rural, poor community. In January, 21 cases of HIV had been reported. A Needle exchange program was recommended to Pence as a measure to stop the spread of disease. Pence refused, drug his feet, and by May when he finally agreed there were over 150 cases of HIV. Pence reluctantly agreed, but by the time the epidemic was under control there were nearly 200 infected. Pence’s own moral beliefs stood in the way of public health.

It’s not that I do not want a leader to have strong moral values. Moral values and strength are needed to be a good leader. It takes strength and perspective to know what are the morals of your faith and what is for the good and welfare of your people.

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