I don’t know a single person of character who routinely uses the word “liar”.
For What Its Worth

This is off topic to the Syria story, but I had to respond to your remarks…

When the ACA was designed, it was intended that you could keep your doctor and your insurance plan, provided that they were participating providers. But when not enough younger people were signing up for insurance (which by the way, signing up for insurance was a rule the insurance companies required) insurance companies began to drop plans or drop out of the market place all together. Combined with the GOP’s continued efforts to repeal the ACA and lack of support has created an appearance of chaos and failure. Insurance companies are pulling out because of sheer greed. The failure of the ACA, is after all to their benefit. If the ACA is repealed, They can deny pre existing conditions, impose lifetime limits, remove insurance coverage for young adults, restrict expansion of Medicaid and disability.

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