I didn’t pre-order an iPhone

I didn’t pre-order an iPhone. I didn’t get the 6. I didn’t get the 6+. I was going to but then got to the point where I was like, but why?

I wouldn’t say I’m an Apple fanboy. I had a IIci when I was a kid growing up. Then some other mac tower. Then an iBook. After my roomate in boarding academy broke the screen on that one ‘cause he was leaning back in a chair and fell, I got a bigger iBook. Then a matte black MacBook. And so on.

Apple fanboys came later. I think they were probably born out of the Canon and Nikon fanboys. Those are some serious clubs. Maybe it’s just because it’s such a natural cult following that it’s actually a cult following and not a fan club. Maybe fanboys/girls are just the hater term folks use when they don’t know what else to call people who like Apple products. I mean, what do you call them? Apples?

September 9, 2014 I stood in my office with one screen playing the live stream and the other screen on a live blog and twitter and whatever else. Once we all got through the dudes on the tech truck live stream schedule fail and the Chinese translation overlay it was a pretty good keynote presentation overall.

I was secretly hoping for a smaller phone. I had seen the leaks on places like Mac Rumors and The Verge and places like that, but really I was hoping that it was a setup by Apple to divert everyone’s attention from what was really going to be released. Hey isn’t that a good idea Apple? You should do that in the future so we’re surprised.

Oh there was an iWatch? It’s nice but it’s not waterproof. *pretends to sound like he swims all the time*

For a few days I was really trying to think of what I would do. I had already checked the ginormous phone off my list. But then… had I?

Pre-order night came and I went to bed that night. The next morning I checked and it looked like I could easily get the 128GB version of either model if I wanted, but I passed on that.

The week before the keynote my buddy Michael shared this post with me. I thought it was a great idea. You see, I actually wanted to get a dumb phone, I was researching all these options, like ordering a certain nice Nokia dumb phone from Honk Kong off eBay or having some of my friends in Lebanon or Thailand buy me the Nokia 130 that just came out. I just wanted simpler.

The idea of wanting a dumb phone was driving the techy IT guy next to my office nuts. But then when we were having a conversation and I started checking my instagram, he decided change actually might not be bad for me.

I’ve become too attached to my phone. I was getting way too much screen time and it was such a distraction from everything. I think that’s one reason I went far-sighted too.

Sure time spent with my phone helped me stay up-to-date with everything everywhere but it was starting to bother me too. A lot.

I wondered what I would do with my iPhone-only instagram feed if I went to a dumb phone, but then I figured I’d prolly just put stuff from my Fuji xPro on it or the x100T if I get it, but then I figured that wouldn’t simplify life. But then getting a big phone wouldn’t either would it? The plus is bigger than the x100T. Thinner though.

I started checking out the 5s. The problem is they don’t sell the 64GB version anymore. I called the local Apple dealership, and the person there said they didn’t ever make one. My boss has one. My boss is so cool. He has something they never made. eBay apparently has stuff they never made as well. Oh and the 6 has a better camera than the 5s so that’s good too.

So yeah, all these thoughts have been running through my head and I haven’t pre-ordered an iPhone yet. Will I? No. Pre-ordering is pointless. My phone doesn’t die the minute pre-orders are released and if it does I have a month left of Apple Care.

Will I ever upgrade? Yeah I probably will, but I’ll most likely wait until the hype is over. Introductions are special but over-rated. I mean who camps outside an Apple store? Really. I can think of better places to go camping.

Maybe I’ll get a 6+, maybe I’ll get a 6, maybe I’ll get a 5s and maybe I’ll just stick with my 5.

One thing I know is I didn’t pre-order an iPhone.