Labour candidate for Churchill Ward (District), May 2016

These views below are my personal political views and are not official Labour Party policy.

Local background

I am 39 years old and was born in nearby Brighton where I lived for more than 25 years before finally settling in Lancing in 2010. Having grandparents that lived in Lancing since the 1940s and having visited since a child, I know the local area very well.

Public services

I am a father to two young children and like most people am not wealthy enough to opt out of public services. I am aware of the pressures that local services are under due to Tory policies and I will fight on your behalf to protect our local services from further cuts.


As a senior developer in the technology sector I understand the challenges and opportunities presented by new technology. These technologies will define Lancing’s future and it’s vital we have politicians that understand not just today’s technology, but tomorrow’s too. If elected I hope to make a valuable contribution to local policy making in this area.


I work in the tech industry and deal with the challenges that businesses face in the private sector every day. I want to see Lancing attract quality businesses into the area that will provide skilled, well paid jobs for local people. Brighton and Hove is now a nationally recognised “tech cluster”, but rents are sky high and space is in short supply. I’d like to see more technology businesses move into the Lancing Business Park and surrounding areas. There are too many of us catching the train into Brighton every day — why can’t we bring some of those IT jobs into Lancing?


Ultimately, an economy built on quality jobs is the only real future we can offer our children and in order to do this we need to make education and lifelong learning at the centre of everything we do. If we can help young people leaving school to access the right skills and training, as well as older people looking for a career change, then we can really regenerate the area. In the past Lancing had skilled engineering jobs connected to the railways — today those engineering jobs are on the Internet and we need to wake up to that fact.


The country is in the grip of a major housing crisis. Almost everyone is feeling it — young people and those in the rented sector are particularly feeling the pain. We need local politicians that will develop housing policy in the interests of local people, not property developers. The very last thing we need to do is approve a risky development on a floodplain.

And finally…

We’re told that we’re all in it together, but everyone knows this isn’t true. A vote for the Tories in Lancing is a vote for a rubber stamping machine. If you want a politician that will really fight your corner and argue for your interests then please consider voting BALLANCE on May 5th.


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