Helping people with lived experience comply with law

Have a look at this tweet:

That links to a page talking about the NHS England Independent Investigations Governance Committee. That page also says that they are looking for Patient and Public Voice Representatives.

The tweet was sent on 29th December 2015. The deadline for the applications is 11th January 2016. That is 12 days.

People claiming Employment & Support Allowance need to ask for permission from the department for work and pensions to do “permitted work” before they do any voluntary work, any paid employment, or any service user and carer participation activity.

The process of asking for permission involves calling a helpline and asking for a form which is sent by 2nd class post; completing the form; returning the form; and waiting for the decision maker’s decision.

There is a small delay in the second class post used to send and return the form.

But there’s a much larger delay waiting for the decision maker to give permission for the permitted work.

The short length of time between announcing the positions and closing the applications process mean it is not possible for someone claiming ESA to do this service user and carer participation activity and comply with the law.