• Silvia Andrade

    Silvia Andrade

  • Dan Cohen

    Dan Cohen

  • Josh Trup

    Josh Trup

  • Oli Shaw

    Oli Shaw

  • Vincent C. Huang

    Vincent C. Huang

    I consume digital content like I eat pork belly. VP Product @springboard. Frmrly: Consulting, gaming, OKRs, and enterprise SaaS. Dad of 3.

  • Maxim Di

    Maxim Di

    Founder of Seven Lanes. Deep interest in Marketplaces, Network Effects & Recruiting.

  • Agnieszka Zimolag

    Agnieszka Zimolag

    Product Designer at @BCGDV. Researching and designing products and services for disruptive businesses https://rb.gy/9k5axw

  • Lucy Willett

    Lucy Willett

    Strategist — Business Designer — Experience Planner @ http://fluxx.uk.com

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