Fox 5 Las Vegas on Instagram #Week8 #SocJournLSC

Instagram in my opinion is the best social media platform to showcase photography. This is obvious but showing beautiful photos and reaching new audiences is where Instagram really shines. Many news organizations are doing very well with instagram and Fox 5 Las Vegas is no exception.

Fox 5 Vegas uses Instagram to tease their long-form reporting. It’s also a good tool for the station to document the places the team has visited and the people they’ve met along the way.

Fox 5 presents the news in a new format. It is a natural fit for videos for people who digest news better on mobile platforms. Since instagram videos are basically engineered for short yet powerful videos that utilize attention-grabbing words and images.

Using instagram FOX 5 takes it’s audience to Vegas. They also convey genuine first-person moments on their instagram and provide a fresh outlook on stories. These are some of the advantages that Instagram offers and Journalists at FOX 5 take advantage of.

They get creative to say the least.

Their account offers their fans a peek behind the curtain and shows the Journalists’ having fun and goofing around.

It almost seems as though FOX 5 Vegas has there own style of news. All while inviting participation from their audience. People who use instagram always seem to appreciate creativity.

FOX 5 taps into the Instagram community’s passion by inviting them to take part in their storytelling.