Snapchat: The Volatile News Social Media #SocJournLSC #Week6

Snapchat has many features that benefit local news such as geofilters, local events, stories and a level of interactivity not found in other social medias.

Geofilters are a way in which the snapper (person sending the snapchat) defines where they physically are to the viewer.

Local events also appear on Snapchat. Events such as the Olympics, presidential elections, and even terrorist attacks all appear on snapchat. This is all done with screened and pre approved user provided content.

Snapchat has an unheard of level of interactivity with its users. This is because location based events can only have snaps uploaded to their “stories” by people that are physically there. However, people can view these events from all over the world. This provides validity to the information being reported, unlike a news anchor at a desk hundreds of miles away.

A news anchor using snapchat would most likely be someone under forty. They would also be appealing to anyone under forty, specifically millennials. This is because snapchat is a familiar platform to those who grew up with it. As such, this demographic is more inclined to trust this information than an older demographic would. However, companies and other organizations can pay their way into the “discovery” section of snapchat. This sponsored content can range from anything such as Vice News to Cosmopolitan magazine. Because this is paid-for content, it is inherently biased.

Additionally, this section features other paid-for advertisements. Much like traditional news, the responsibility to sift through the fog of facts and confusion lies upon the viewer. These parameters put snapchat in danger of becoming another outlet for fake news.

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