Staying Ahead of the Curve with CryptoCurve

Speculating on blockchain and cryptocurrency projects involves a lot of due diligence — filtering through the obvious scams, identifying strong use cases, and most importantly making sure the product or service is future-proof. Today that process requires extra attention to detail and due to the bear market, even good projects have a chance to miss their shot and not have adequate support for launch. It is the opinion of my own, and many others, that Cryptocurve is the hidden gem of the season, and this article will explore why that is the case and why you should be excited for the future wallet of all blockchain users.

Note: This is not financial advice, I am not a financial advisor. Opinions are all my own and not of my employer or Cryptocurve officially.

The back-bone of a strong ICO is the team. I will focus on the CEO of cryptocurve, Joshua Halferty, and André Cronje the Cheif Blockchain Officer (CTO). Joshua is bringing very powerful experience from Hewlett Packard and knows how to lead a technology product into penetrating and maintaining market share. André is a tech genius and has a very good understanding of blockchain — what it needs, what it’s missing, and how to bring it all together. This again is highlighting the fact that cryptocurve is futureproof and will stick around for years to come. I implore my readers to listen to the following interview to get a sense of the caliber of knowledge behind Cryptocurve.

Now I will highlight the main features of Cryptocurve that make it a knock-out complete package. CryptoCurve has upon launch a ready to go SDK which simplifies blockchain development to help developers and designer build apps and dapps. This is a powerful signal that cryptocurve is embracing the open source ethos and wants people to build and expand the wanchain network, via cryptocurve. This alone will drive so many new projects and developments, constantly keeping cryptocurve wallet in the spotlight and inspiring more developers to migrate to the ecosystem. I am certain that the technology will be fast, secure, and efficient.

The curve wallet itself is interoperable between blockchains as it is built on wanchain. This means that ERC-20 tokens, Bitcoin, and many more will all be available to transfer with ease, without having to worry about constantly trading and swapping. The main focus behind the cryptocurve wallet is to simplify investing, trading, and asset management across all blockchains. With tons of features like streamlined KYC, “Nuke” button which liquidates all assests into either fiat, stablecoins, or bitcoin, saving you potential losses or securing huge gains during epic bullruns.

The third part is Curve labs, which, like wanlabs, accelerates blockchain projects by leveraging the experts among cryptocurve to provide hands-on support to the partners involved in curve labs. This is the kind of support that drives interest which drives development and adoption. The cryptocurve ecosystem is clearly built to last, built to engage, and built to simplify. This is very good for the entire blockchain space. I am happy to be exploring this project and intend on using it immediately.

Please check out this important links and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. It’s time to make interfacing with blockchains easy.



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