How a trip to NYC inspired me to start a social media company


Do you ever think social media’s taking over your life? Is it time wasted or time well spent? Logging in and out, jumping from one app to another, checking your Instagram feed, catching up on the latest tweets, seeing whats on Facebook, watching your friends’ Snapchat stories. It’s all too much!

A year ago I was speaking to a friend of mine, who is a model in America. She was telling me that she used to wake up at 6am to post a photo to Instagram for her clients in Tokyo. I asked her: “Why not set the photo on a timer and schedule it?” So that she wouldn’t need to wake up that early!

…Seemed logical… then she said there’s no app that allows you to do this! Furthermore she said, there’s no apps that allow you to do this all from the one place ..

(I started to think)... Imagine the time you could save, posting to all of them at once. It seemed like a great idea and a massive business opportunity, so why hadn’t anybody executed it yet?

There had to be a catch… There’s always a catch…

I was so intrigued by this new idea that I spent 14 hours straight on a flight home from America with a sketch pad and a laptop brainstorming. I documented everything that came into my head. I was obsessed. The idea was flawless and I was going to be a millionaire …(hmm wishful thinking.)

As soon as I landed, I contacted the best software engineer in Australia and pitched him my idea. And there it was… the catch…

Instagram’s API doesn’t allow posts to be scheduled to the platform, the same way other apps like Facebook and Twitter do. This was a huge dilemma. Nevertheless, I’m too stubborn a person to let a little thing like a billion dollar company stop me from building my software. So we set out to find a technical solution for a problem that needed to be solved.

I withdrew my life savings and my team and I got to work. We assembled the necessary infrastructure and designed a beautiful interface; one that we would want to use ourselves. We tirelessly researched the market, the competition, the technology involved and the consumers who we would be servicing. We carefully adhered to the rules that our buddies at Instagram had set and after several months of hard work we came up with a clever way around Instagram’s API… and a company was born!

We are now the first software in the world to enable users to schedule their posts to Instagram directly from a mobile device. We thought it would only be fitting to name our company Timeagram.

Timeagram is an invite only social media platform for brands, businesses and individuals.

We’re more than just a scheduling tool, we’re a whole new social community that allows you to provide exclusive content to your followers, drive greater engagement with your social audience and analyze your post performance, with a simple, yet effective software.

Note: “Timeagram will never be a place to see how many ‘likes’ you get but rather showcasing something of value”.

So whether you’re a restaurant owner, a socialite, a personal trainer, a musician, a shop owner, an artist, a hair dresser, a super model… or just somebody who wants to save a huge chunk of time, effort and resources while building your brand on social media, I invite you to check out Timeagram and be a part of this exciting journey with us!

Feel free to apply at I hope you like what we have created and leave as much feedback as possible as we continue to grow out of “beta” stage and unveil more exciting and new features over the coming months.

Thanks for Reading,