Thanks for your cogent response — I really appreciate it and will continue to follow your progress.
Michael Haupt

Sure. I’ve talked about this at length in other Cicada articles. Find them on Medium. Ethereum makes the same mistake every other blockchain project makes. They are cryptocurrencies first and decentralized app platforms second. Cicada is a platform first, crypto second. That means we can do free transactions. Every other system that exists believes in a fantasy that everything will be a microtransaction on the network. That’s insane. Nobody will pay for things that are free in the real world. No normal person will go get some funny money, top off a wallet and then download an app to do something. Want to form a book club and vote on what book to read? Oh sorry you ran out of money. Better get more so you can continue to participate. Go wait five days on an exchange and then another five days after you buy it. Or go exchange money with a stranger in an alley on local bitcoins.

Check out some of the other articles and the original white paper not just the ID one. It explains all in detail.

App platform first. Currency second. That is the key.