The Jasmine Wars Audio Book is Out on Amazon, Audible and iTunes Now!

Let’s face it: Who has time to read anymore?

I know it’s crazy to hear that from an author but even I know it’s true. I’ve got about a hundred unread and partially read novels on my Kindle. There’s so much to choose from and just not enough time in the day!

But I do have time to listen to books.

More and more I’m tuning-in to amazing novels on my drives to work or on the plane when I’m traveling. That’s why I knew I had to produce an audio book for my epic, Chinese civil war saga The Jasmine Wars.

It wasn’t easy. I needed an amazing actor who could speak English as well as fluent Mandarin and Cantonese. For awhile I was worried I’d never find someone.

Then I found the incredible Leanne Yau, a British/Chinese actress who speaks all three languages with ease. She loved the book so much that she threw herself into the production six hours a day for three months, working to get even the tiniest details right. I’ve never met such an amazing perfectionist and it shows in every ounce of her work.

She’s also got a wonderfully sonorous voice that you’ll want whispering in your ears for weeks.

So head on over and grab the book from Amazon, Audible or iTunes and jack in for an amazing ride. 
Thanks for reading.
All the best,
Dan Jeffries