A lot of people got up-in-arms that Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson took a joyride in space but not me.

I was excited, because I was looking beyond a few rich folks blowing a ton of money to what it really means:

The beginning of a bold new era in space exploration.

To understand why, you just have to turn back the clock to 1961. That’s when John F Kennedy proudly promised America would put a man on the moon within a decade. We’ve lived in the space age ever since. What was once science-fiction turned into science fact…

I Show You How to See the Future More Clearly, and I Make Predictions on the Next Twenty Years in Four Major Areas: AI, Biotech, the Future of Work and Decentralization Tech

How To See the Future

Can we see the future?

Most people would say no. There’s too many variables, too many moving parts.

As Yoda said, “Difficult to see, always in motion is the future.”

I’ve got a decent track record of successfully predicting future trends. I predicted AI chips spawning from graphics cards about a decade before it happened, and I went to work on Linux in the dot com boom. …

What do we need for crypto to really hit the big time?

What does it take for crypto to turn into something nobody can live without, something invisible and universal that everyone just uses and nobody even thinks about anymore?

All technological revolutions follow the same patterns. Over time, we go from a few smart phones in everyone’s pocket to half the world owning one. We go from a couple of geeks on the early Internet playing Doom to everyone connected to it 24 hours a day.

But how do we make that massive leap? How do we jump the…

What does it really take to change your life?

Four years ago, I desperately needed the answer to that question. I was overweight, drinking too much, stuck in an unhappy marriage, miserable and angry all the time and I didn’t know why or how to change it.

Finally, I’d had enough.

I was going to change or die trying.

So I set everything in my life on fire.

I got divorced and set off on a wild adventure to see the world, touching down in city after city, trying to find myself and losing myself along the way. I didn’t…

AI Can Crush Fraud and Transform Trading But You Better Give It the Right Guard Rails to Keep It from Going Off the Tracks

Artificial intelligence has a long history in finance and banking.

When it comes to fraud detection, big financial houses had data scientists before they were called data scientists. Long before anyone heard the words “deep learning,” rule based expert systems often formed the backbone of fraud detection and trading systems.

Today, with AI and machine learning (ML) growing more and more advanced, it’s poised to surge into other areas of the financial industry like customer service, loan processing, risk analysis, portfolio allocation, robo-advisors and more.

But bringing ML into your business requires a deep rethinking on multiple fronts. It’s not…

In this Follow-Up to My Epic 2017 Crypto Investment Guide, I Look Back at How the Portfolio Did Three Years Later, Talk About What I’ll Do Differently This Time Around, and Pick My Coins for the Next Bull Run

So it’s 2021 and you missed the crypto boat again?

Maybe you read my crypto investment guide, Mastering Shitcoins, the Poor Man’s Guide to Getting Crypto Rich — Part I, but you weren’t buying it. You thought it was too late and you’d already missed the rocket to the moon. I wrote the original article in 2017 and Bitcoin was already…

After more than a decade of blistering growth, most people still don’t get cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is the best performing asset of the last decade by a huge margin and yet everyone from the mainstream media, to most nation states, to prominent traders, struggle to see what it means for the future. India is threatening to ban cryptocurrencies in move that will prove disastrously foolish if they really do it. Prominent gold bug, Peter Schiff, continues to watch the price of gold sputter while Bitcoin races by him and makes his son rich instead.

Over the past ten years, journalists…

Rick in Season 4 — Courtesy of Adult Swim

Spoilers ahead — If you haven’t watched all of season 4, then stop reading now. If you already watched it on Inter-dimensional cable then you’re golden.


You can find part one of Rick and Morty and the Meaning of Life right here.


At the end of Rick and Morty season 4, we learn the great secret of Beth and her clone.

It’s the climatic moment of something that started way back in Season 3 when Beth turns to Rick in a moment of terrible existential despair and says :

“Dad, I’m out of excuses to not be who…

What’s a good relationship?

Too many of us don’t know because we’ve never seen one in our entire life.

That’s right, never.

Instead of happy, healthy relationships filled with laughter and intimacy, we see broken relationships in our parents, families, our friend’s families and everywhere else we look. We certainly don’t see deep intimacy in the movies or on streaming TV.

In real life, we almost never experience couples who stay up all night talking just because they love spending time together. We don’t see people laughing all the time and supporting each other and lifting each other up. …

How One Nation Got the Pandemic Response Perfect, Another Got it Right Early But Blew Their Lead and a Third Got It Totally Wrong

With a whole year gone by since the pandemic started, it’s time to take a look at who got the response right and who got it totally wrong.

In many ways, the pandemic is the ultimate test of a nation’s intelligence, resourcefulness and adaptability. It’s a global experiment, with every country on Earth participating whether they like it or not.

Some countries passed the test with flying colors. Others got it right for a time only to fall apart late in the year. Still many more got it horribly wrong.

That’s despite the fact that every country on Earth started…

Daniel Jeffries

I am an author, futurist, systems architect, and thinker.

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