In the Organic Growth team at Wise we manage web apps for SEO — landing pages generated to rank for keyword searches. We discovered a frontend issue in the Korean version of our Currency Converter app (English version), which gives web searchers the exchange rate for a currency route. It was trying to load our brand font from the wrong location. Confusingly, this 404 occurred after successfully loading the font from the correct URL.

This only happened with languages where the font file did not contain the glyphs necessary for that language. For English, the browser could render all the…

I would love to be asked this if I was being interviewed for a front-end web development position:

“Take a look at this design, say you’d been tasked with implementing it. What are a few things that jump out at you? What will be the interesting, fun or difficult parts? What things come to mind when you see this?”

KIKK Festival 2017 — Homepage by Dogstudio

Present the candidate with a dribbble shot link to a UI and give them a minute to look at it and tell you what they think.

This is a valuable exercise for many reasons.

Real-world task in the interview.

I would…

  • Note: This is v0.1. I don’t actually know the thing yet, I just have a thing I want to learn about. Maybe I’ll actually be able to write it at some point. For now it’s a collection of thoughts about the topic. A public draft. Maybe I’ll version control it and watch it change. I have a lot of half-formed thoughts like this.

It’s great that React Native and friends exist as ways to write webapps that compile to real OS-level apps. You can write once and reach everyone using the power of native apps, and that’s valuable to developers.

From left: Peter Yuill, Liza Nguyen, Ankit Dahiya, Julie Gibson, Dan Laush, and Shaun Wilde

tl;dr: Hackathon for social good. Existing solution was tailored to the technology, not the real problem. Built a client app, API, and serverless worker process to automate the hard parts and simplify the effort required to get things done.

Last weekend I worked with a great team at Random Hacks of Kindness, a hackathon connecting changemakers (people with ideas or organisations for social impact) with hackers (people who turn ideas into reality).

Our colleague Adam Brock loves movies and TV shows — he’s seen everything and knows every actor and always has a movie in mind for every situation he’s in. He’ll even have a Nicholas Cage film for every situation he’s in.

So we’ve plugged him in — Adam as a Service (AaaS).

Use our brand new API to get personalised, expert movie recommendations delivered straight to you. Simply include the provided Javascript (via CDN or NPM) and you can make MovieRecommendation requests in as little as 2 lines of code!


  • Asynchronous — Responses usually under 24 hours
  • Uses the…

Dan Laush

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