Sometimes, opportunity doesn’t look like this.

Things were going ok.

Just the normal frustrations.

Then I was hit by a ten-ton truck, so it seemed.

Found I’d lost much sight in my left eye, had glaucoma in the right. Under the scalpel I go.

Then a cardiac arrhythmia, and a couple of days in a different hospital. Less serious than it felt at the time.

But things come in threes (depends how you count). Lost movement in my right arm, then movement in my left. Painful stuff. Not for a day… for a year and counting.

So lots of sitting. Just me. In front of this PC. Cursing the day.

I looked at my resources. What had I lost?

Plenty it seemed.

But as I worked through the self-pity I realised I had gained something that was missing before.

It wasn’t mobility — I could no longer drive.

It wasn’t money — I could no longer work unless it was from home.

It wasn’t a world of opportunity, calling me out to play. I was stuck. Or so I thought.

But I had an opportunity to think and to plan and to create music (with a mouse, one finger, thank God for computers!).

Time for old friends, musicians from back in the day in the rough parts of London. Still the most interesting people I know.

Time to understand how much I owed and loved my wife. Who knew she was medically trained?

I started to hatch a new plan. I am living through it now and the days seem lighter.

A new software company is emerging. Zeno. Look out for it.

New music has emerged. The Trip Is It. Listen up.

I’m healthier now. Back to the fray.

All I needed was time to think.

Some friends.

And a PC.

— — — — — -

Dan writes at Verax. Softwares (?) at Zeno. Plays with The Trip Is It.