In 2016, I set out to take on and rethink the Design Process. It was my attempt at making sense of it but what happened went far beyond that notion.

The article covering my approach (link below) triggered an unexpected amount of attention and tons of reactions. I got pretty…

Need to pitch a product idea, design, or even present yourself in a job interview? If the answer is yes, this Pitch Canvas might provide you with a good starting point.

Image of eight icons visualising the components of the story canvas further explained in the story

Canvases have been all over the place in recent years. They have become a go-to resource in design, business and other fields. I first encountered the Business Value & Value proposition Canvas by Strategizer (Alex Osterwalder), followed by the Team Canvas (Alexey Ivanov & Mitya Voloshchuk). …

HV Project Model: Our framework to approaching challenges and handling web or app projects in collaboration with clients and partners.

When faced with the challenge of creating, designing, building or re-designing one’s website, we often talk about the design and development process. This is neither another process nor an article about one.

Process vs. Output vs. Collaboration

Most companies or agencies have a certain way of working. Approaches vary from conventional waterfall approaches on one…

Personas are under attack. They have been an established artefact in a UX designer’s toolkit. But recently, professionals have argued, that personas don’t create any real value in the design process and that they are bound to fail. So what now?

Most of us happen to design products for other people and not for ourselves. To understand the people we are designing for, we create personas. This used to be an established given in the UX & Design community. Nevertheless, lots of people have experienced failure and experts have raised criticism.

How to run and lead successful teams. Key takeaways from our «Try, Test, Fail… Prevail» Leadership and Team Development workshop with Hyper Island.

In an intense and immersive one-day event Hyper Island’s Tash Willcocks and Sarah Gee led over 60 participants through three of the four stages of the team development process (Wheelan’s integrated model of group development).

  • Stage 1 – Dependency and inclusion
  • Stage 2 – Counter dependency and conflict
  • Stage 3…

We sometimes take things too seriously and thus overrate people sharing their shiny design and code experiments with the world.

Heard of dark mode? Of course, you have. Dark mode is said to reduce eye strain, it has grown in popularity, and user demand. Sketch recently released a new version of their software offering the dark side of the screen, thus addressing a user need and solving a user problem…

Do you need wireframes? Who uses them anyway? Is producing wireframes just a waste of time and resources?

These are questions that have been bugging me and our team and they have been the subject of many articles and debates. As a UX dude, I generally vote in favour of such an artefact. At the same time, I have met opposition from co-workers. …

Want to stay up to date on anything from design and tech to business and culture? These 10 podcasts got you covered — carefully selected with love by our Dev Philip.

Want to stay up to date on anything from design and tech to business and culture? These 10 podcasts got you covered – carefully selected with love by our Dev Philip.

I have conducted and attended countless user interviews in my current job at Hinderling Volkart and before that. At some point, I noticed a thing that goes wrong a lot of times but more about that later.

Last year I bumped into Swiss documentary filmmaker Paul Riniker (Bio on Swiss…

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