Understanding Very, Very Smart People
The Mission

This article is probably very underrated even for those who enjoyed reading it. Being intelligent often comes with a bubble of isolation stamped by even those who know you best. Reading this made me comfortable about a lot of social dimensions that I couldn’t figure out. If you’ve ever grown up struggling with anxiety due to adults shutting your thoughts off you will understand that it is not mere advocacy for smart kids to own their intelligence, it’s also for them to let go of the stigma that their human nature made them develop of themselves.

Some people misunderstand their children or label others’ children as “weird” “quite” or “arrogant” when honestly most of these kids can’t communicate their feelings nor their thoughts due to fear of sounding smart. So mostly they become inarticulate adults in fear or by force, which is later dismissed as irresponsible behavior or failed ‘adulting’. Shaming smart people for being different is exactly why so many young adults are held back in self-destructive life situations. I personally know people who existentially crises-ed themselves into insecurities and self-doubt.

Next time you see an adolescent who cannot express her/himself try to listen not just to their words but to their body language, don’t be quick to dismiss, you’ll see.