I Was Suspended from Facebook for my #MeToo Post
Deborah Copaken

Hang on — so you’re requesting Facebook review their ‘suspend-account algorithm’ (?) so that ‘me too’ posts are exempt from the same moderation that everything else is subject to? Why?! Justify why you’d like Facebook to let you “unmask sexual violence and exploitation” on their website. No justification? Then I’d suggest this is yet another tantrum from somebody with a sense of misplaced entitlement over the way in which they feel they should be allowed to (mis)use somebody else’s system. Facebook have no obligation to poke holes in how they regulate content just because of the context surrounding these, entirely inappropriate, #metoo posts. If they followed your orders, they’d set a precedent you have no right in asking them to set.

Let me be clear, I’m not speaking with regard to the sexual harassment involved in these cases, anyone with a half decent sense of morality is absolutely disgusted by sexual harassment, but how people feel compelled enough to try and establish some sort of control over Facebook to use that as a platform for protest is besides the point. It’s not your system, you have no right to call them out for moderating it and then inflating this moderation as some sort of ongoing struggle women are dealing with. People, on the whole, seem to have become entirely detached from the reality of what social media actually is. It’s simply not yours.

I believe nobody should have to encounter what you did, I’ll reiterate (for those that will undoubtedly miss my point) — it’s disgusting, and anyone involved should be locked up, but that doesn’t make you special enough to dictate.