The Millenial Dream — -Unobtainable

If someone was to offer you $30,000 for 2000 hours of your life, would you take it?

After watching my 1000th Gary Varynerchuk video, I had finally become self-aware of where I am. I am an idealistic, unsatisfied millenial who’s been sold the Mark Zuckerberg, social media, passive income bullshit lifestyle through the internet.

Whats the reality? I wake up early morning and “work hard” as a Registered Nurse, Monday to Friday, like MOST people do. I come back home tired as a horse and log on to YouTube to find Gary V shouting in my face telling me to work harder to make things better for myself. Somehow, as long as I work hard enough and as long as I stop giving a shit about other peoples opinions, I would enjoy the “process”.

I make about 80,000 a year and the last time I checked, that is a salary above median in Canada. There would probably be a good percentage of the workforce out there that would be enraged of the thought that I am unsatisfied with how much I am getting paid. But at the ripe age of 26, Im coming to the realization that the pay is not really what I SEEK. I want to provide impact and create value for other people.

I want to have a discussion about money and life decisions with anyone who earns LESS than me. The laborers, the unskilled workers, minimum wagers and low level “bedrock” professionals like me.

I guess the question is, is there more for us moving forward? Would we ever have a bigger impact on society than we do now where we work? Is it fair that Gary Vaynerchuk was handed over a 3-million revenue company in his 20's? Do you even give a shit?