brooklyn beta you failed

the conference that missed it’s mark by a mile

After seeing more tweets than i could possibly stand that are gushing over brooklyn beta changing their lives, i have to call bullshit.

Brooklyn Beta, i have been trying to attend you every year since your inception and this year was the year, and boy am i disappointed.

This is pulled from your own website, “Booklyn Beta is a friendly web conference…” If your going to bill yourself as a web conference you might want to take a long hard look in the mirror and remember what just happened this past friday.

I can’t speak for previous years or even for any day other than this past friday.

I’m not going to talk about how horrible the seats were to sit in or how it would have been nice if you checked the acoustics before inviting 1000 people over for a chat that maybe 50% of the people were able to hear.

No, what i’m going to talk about is the big party you threw on friday. No i’m pretty sure i did not attend a conference. I was at a party, i know what parties look like. Parties have people drinking booze, asking where the next free drink spot is going to be and blabbing all about it on twitter, instagram and whatever else they can find on their phone.

You say your goal is to inspire people to make a difference, well maybe it’s just me, but i left feeling exactly the opposite. Other than Catherine Hoke who was amazing and brought a tear to my eye with her story, i can’t see what would have inspired anyone.

Was it hitting people with paper airplanes?

Maybe it was ending the inspirational web conference with a comedian?

Nope, nope i got it. Must of been the whiskey and the s’mores. Who doesn’t want to change the world after they are drunk and hopped up on sugar.

Friday you did not put on a conference, you threw a party… and what’s worse you invited all the wrong people, the last people that are going to make a difference are the people wearing designer jeans, expensive glasses and have a nice shiny iPhone 5S so they can put their itty-bitty-wittle finger on it and go out and make a difference… well after they finish drinking of course.

With all the social media going on yesterday you can be guaranteed one thing for sure, the people you should really be trying to get to attend your party… i mean conference… aren’t going to come within 10 miles of it.

I came to your conference expecting to be amazed and inspired and instead i left early thinking, “jesus brooklyn really needs to get over itself.”

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