“Support Integritee’s Parachain Bids"

Integritee enables developers and firms to process sensitive data, without compromising on privacy. Our platform combines the trust of blockchain with the confidentiality of off-chain, trusted execution environments (TEEs). This enables developers and firms to create decentralized data-driven apps and services that can securely process sensitive data, without revealing it on chain.

The Integritee ecosystem, across all instances on Kusama, Polkadot and elsewhere, will be powered by our native token, TEER. Backers who support our parachain bids by temporarily locking in KSM will be rewarded in TEER.

We all know the problems with centralized data services. Integritee is the solution. Help us build a new internet where privacy comes as standard and earn TEER in the process.

Supporter Rewards

Integritee tokens will be distributed to KSM holders who support us in the Kusama parachain auctions. The quantity of TEER you receive as a supporter is proportional to the amount of KSM you lock until late January 2023. Each KSM will be rewarded with 40 TEER tokens. No more than 20,000 KSM can be contributed.

TEER is listed now:

As our Token is traded on an & MEXC you can calculate the value of TEER rewards.

As a supporter you receive:

1 KSM locked = 40 TEER + bonuses

subject to linear vesting over 48 weeks


For TEER to serve its purpose as a means of exchange and governance for the Integritee network, it must be circulated widely. Our approach to supporter rewards guarantees that a large number of tokens will be distributed.



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