How I built an app with 500,000 users in 5 days on a $100 server
Erik Duindam

Dude. You are a smart man, and in a way, you deserve any kind of success that comes your way. I am a developer and would have probably made the mistakes the GoChat dude did. So it is clear to methat I look up to you and your skills. Unfortunately, You have tarnished your achievement with your cocky attitude and preachy prose. The day your apps fail it is when people laugh at you not because they enjoy spectating the failure of a good app. But because everyone can enjoy a Douche going down.

Dude, you could have highligthed the other guys shortcomings whilst showing off yours with an air of humbleness; all whilst appreciating and being grateful for the help you received on this project from your hackathons, your company, and others people code. But you spent more time trying to make their effort yours, that I can’t seriously read this without feeling annoyed by your attitude. Again dude, sorry for venting out, I just cant stand people like you. May all the success in life come your way. And hopefully some humbleness… to make it truly enjoyable for you and for everyone. I hope I can have an app as succesful as yours one day.

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