Introducing Qualified Codecast

Today we are introducing a product which carries with it a new concept that we hope will touch the lives of many, many developers.

The inspiration for this product comes from watching many amazing coding screencasts from great authors in the field teaching programming concepts. Some of my favorites include the whole Handmade Hero series by Casey Muratori and the Getting Started with Redux course by Dan Abramov.

It was watching coding screencasts that the idea occurred to me, how cool would it be if I could just take over the screencast and change the code these developers are building? So we set out to do just that. Using the Coderunner infrastructure that supports both Codewars and Qualified, we have built a tool that will enable developers to create interactive codecasts.

Jump right in with the Hello Codecast World example!

This tool will allow codecast authors to build rich, interactive learning experiences to reach many participants. The author will be recorded writing, testing, and running code; during which time they can pause the codecast on the participant’s end at key points to indicate they should try it out. The participant can also take over whenever the inclination occurs to them, allowing them to control their own learning experience!

It is our hope that this will take the “learn by doing” approach that has made Codewars so enjoyable for its users and work alongside it as a new, complimentary tool.

Check it out now for yourself at Qualified Codecast!