50 Years Later — Summer of Love Sick in San Francisco

Over the course of the last year, we have been documenting the yuppy dating scenes in cities throughout the country. We did Seattle — then DC — and then it was time to come home to San Francisco. During our interviews we uncovered something so shocking and disturbing, we had to put it on the shelf until now.

Dating in San Francisco right now is TRANSACTIONAL. From the people who brought you Uber, Airbnb and all the dating apps, their home city basically sees finding a romance as the same thing as buying an airplane ticket.

The women we interviewed from various economic classes, parts of town and outlooks on life, all had a version of the same story. The men they often date generally are self-obsessed, world-saver capitalists, who look at their phones the entire time during dinner, and then if they pay for you, they expect you to have sex on the first date.

Some women were transactional too. They liked the straightforward nature of these encounters — getting the free dinner and getting laid all in one night. Some women were horrified and wondered if it was just them. Overall there’s a general feeling 50 years after the Summer of Love taught the nation how to express themselves freely with Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Rock — in 2017, love in San Francisco is tindering to try to talk to the person next to you.

We are coming up on 50 years of the Summer of Love, and I’m concerned that the people who truly experienced it may not be alive for thr 60th anniversary. I’ve heard stories. People were having sex in the street at Haight & Ashbury. People came from all over the country to protest a repressive war, sending their friends and loved ones off to die — but also repressive culture that sent people thumbing their way from towns in Kansas in search of meaning and a sense of belonging.

We want to tell this story. But that’s not all. Here’s a list of what we’re going to cover and please contact me if you’re able to help:

  1. You were there.
  2. Any Love Stories from San Francisco — Did you fall in love here?
  3. What was everyone else doing in town in the summer of 1967?
  4. Black, Asian & Latino — what’s your version of the summer of love?
  5. 2017 — this summer of Love. Understanding dating and courtship in the era of dating aps, data science, $1m studio apartments, singularity and exit strategies.

PCA will be working with our traditional media partners to distribute these stories — but this won’t just be an “American Experience” Style documentary.

Love is sick in San Francisco — and these things generally happen here first. Understanding what’s wrong with our culture here — may just be a catalyst for preventing a wide spread love pandemic.