Local Impact Certification: Methodology

Dan Marek
3 min readApr 6, 2022

🏪 Who is Local Impact Certification for?

Scrapp’s sustainability certification is a bespoke solution designed to help forward-thinking retailers get ahead of the competition by celebrating their sustainability efforts and attracting climate-conscious customers.

  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Independent shops
  • Zero/Low Waste

🪄 How Does it Work

We carry out a comprehensive analysis, beginning with a short discovery call. Our patent-pending tech enables us to determine how sustainable your product line is based on each piece of packaging and other factors such as packaging symbols. We are able to compare your packaging against our database of more than 10,000 different local recycling rules to calculate the average recyclability and award our Local Impact Score.

Ultimately, you will benefit from the data you need to back up your sustainability claims and the confidence to communicate it clearly with your customers.

  1. Book a 1-to-1, 30 min discovery call.
  2. We provide you with a project proposal based on your requirements.
  3. Once agreed, you submit your product’s info via our simple template, and we’ll complete the packaging audit.
  4. We’ll notify you once the assessment is complete and arrange to present the results and hand over the Impact Score Certificate and any previously agreed marketing materials.
  5. Great! You’re able to celebrate your success with your customers to raise awareness of your sustainability efforts. E.g., In-store signage and digital social media assets, etc.

🏆 Low Impact Scoring system

The Scrapp impact score ranges begin with a “C” or “pass” when average recyclability surpasses national recycling averages. These then scale up to A+, associated with the “Excellent” tag. Our system also allows consideration of two main aspects:

a) Recyclability within the locations where products are sold, and

b) Consideration for special initiatives, including alternative collection points for difficult to recycle materials, recycling awareness programs, and examples of efforts to shift towards circular packaging methods (reuse).

😍 With Scrapp’s Certification Program, you get:

  • 1-to-1 sessions with our team to understand specific needs
  • Data-centric insights into the recyclability of your business’ products
  • Data-driven insights to share with your customers
  • Year-long certification and marketing materials to show off your new achievement
  • Expertise to help maximize your low-waste efforts
  • Technology to engage your customers and showcase your sustainable efforts at the product level
  • + Complete recycling guidance for your entire product line (via the Scrapp App).

✨ What’s next? Let’s Talk Trash!

We aim to deliver maximum value while keeping costs to a minimum. Our certification program is a bespoke solution that reflects each client’s requirements. Including; the number of products to be analyzed, the number of locations licensed, marketing efforts, and other requests.

Please submit your interest (including location, size/number of stores, number of products sold) via our website and we’ll schedule a 30 min call to discuss how we can best help you to reach your sustainability goals.



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